Danica Daydreams Collection Videos

With every new collection comes a new video. Watch Monica discover cool new t-shirts as she travels from one magical world to another.


Collection One

Start where it all began, on the planet of the Monicas.

Collection Two

Monica has crash landed on earth and has discovered an undergound snake world. Will she be able to defeat the evil snake guards and make it out alive? Watch to find out.

Collection Three

Monica is now on a mission to find the Fishy Fish king. While traveling to The Underwater World she finds a familiar threat and then learns of something much much worse.

Collection Four

The search for the Fishy Fish King continues! But will Monica find him and will everything truly be pickletastic?

Collection Five Part 1

It's time to take a trip to Bear-E-O Paradise! But who is the Monica of Prophecy? And will our Monica pass the trial?

Collection Five Part 2

The trial has begun! Will Monica survive and gain new powers? Is this where it all ends?


Collection Six Part 1

Now equipped with new powers, Monica travels throughout space to reach Globptune. But will she be able to stop the evil aliens?

Collection Six Part 2

Monica now has a new shirt and new friends. But will she be able to find Little Peep City?

Collection Seven

At long last, Monica has finally made her way to Little Peep City! But will she be able to convince the little king? And will she get a Peepcicle?


Octodan has taken the King of Little Peep City to the Planet of The Monicas. Will Monica be able to fight off Octodan's army, rescue the King, and save the universe? Watch the epic finale to find out!